G2000-F20 Intumescent Coating


G2000-F20 is a water based acrylic resin blend with expandable graphite that penetrates and seals for varies types of materials.  It could be applied on masonry, wall/wooden paper, wood, fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP), composite materials and metals.  The intumescent coating will expand and form a carbon char to protect basic material during burning.


Expandable graphite, made by patented process, is the key ingredient of G2000-F20 Intumescent Coating, and it is very stable in normal condition. When the temperature is over 200 degree Celsius, EG based Coating will expand up to several hundred times quickly forming a porous carbon layer to protect the surface of product and prevent the air, heat and combustible gas to penetrate through. Due to the vaporization point of graphite is more than 3000 degree Celsius, EG based Coating can sustain much longer in fire field and perform better fire resistant performance than other Fire Retardant.